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 Handy Cache installation for wartune

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PostSubject: Handy Cache installation for wartune   Sun Jan 17, 2016 3:28 am

For those who doesn't know what handy cache is.Its a caching proxy server. It reduces traffic to 3-4 times due to cache once loaded pages (files) are written to the cache and the next request is taken from the cache rather than from the Internet. HC can cache any files transmitted via HTTP protocol - even those browsers do not cache.So in short it acts as cache server for ur game.So ur game loads fast n consumes less internet bandwidth..cause every time u wont hav to load same files again and again Smile

Installation Procedure

use a dedicated browser for handy cache in which u play game only.I use Comodo ice dragon.its same as Firefox
Or else it will store all data u browse on this browser.So better use a dedicated browser.
use this following link to download Handy Cache

 Like a Star @ heaven http://handycache.ru/component/option,com_remository/Itemid,2/func,fileinfo/id,59/

 Like a Star @ heaven or This is my pre configured handy cache that works fine for me. just download extract n use

 Like a Star @ heaven https://www.dropbox.com/s/freytdyy1gnrbx0/HandyCacheRC4.

 Like a Star @ heaven Creat a folder to store cached files in any desired name for me its "r2cache"

 Like a Star @ heaven Open the rar file - extract Handy Cache - no need to install - it runs directly from that folder - double click exe file and run it

Any doubts or queries ask in guild chat Smile

 Like a Star @ heaven Now open browser n do following configs as in screeny below

Like a Star @ heaven  I recomend that drop box file, since this lousy configuration gives headache

Like a Star @ heaven  Now open Handy Cache n follow instruction as given in screen shots step by step..Try to check n uncheck correctly

Thats it..Happy caching Smile
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Handy Cache installation for wartune
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