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 new patch 2015

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PostSubject: new patch 2015   Thu Apr 09, 2015 1:41 pm

here some new patch pict

new feture,sell with player i think
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PostSubject: Re: new patch 2015   Thu Apr 09, 2015 2:03 pm

[size=39]Wartune patch 3.4[/size]

Patch Notes:

  • Added new system – Eudaemon

  • Added new system – Sacrifice

  • Added new dungeon – Elemental Forest

  • Added new equipment – Artifact and Halidom

  • Added new feature – Dimensional War PvP

  • Added new features to Farm

  • Added new mini game – Goodies Link

  • Keys are no longer required for entering the Purgatory Maze and Tormented Necropolis. Using 2 Crypt Keys (Purgatory Keys) will double your gains in the Tormented Necropolis (Purgatory Maze).

  • Enchanting equipment no longer consumes Gold. Players will be compensated certain amounts of Gold following the maintenance on all servers.

  • Optimized the point system for the Sylph Arena.

  • Optimized the Dimensional War.

Eudaemon (kids/guardians)
Level Requirement: Lvl. 70+
1. Acquisition of Eudaemon
Ø To obtain a Eudaemon, players should have a dialogue with the NPC God Timo.
Ø Eudaemons can be obtained by exchanging 5 Eudeamon Mark Shard from the Dimensional War.

2. Using Eudaemon

Ø Eudaemons can be set to follow the character in a certain scenario.
Ø Only mature Eudaemons can be deployed to battles. A mature Eudaemon set to battle may battle alongside the character in any battle.
3. Class
Hunter, Knight, Mage
4. Equipment
Ø Functional buttons:Enchantment, Refinement, Advancement, Socketing
Ø When a Eudaemon is grown (mature) and has chosen a class, it will automatically obtain its first set of equipment.
5. Eudaemon Upgrade
Ø Blood of Zeus can be used to upgrade Eudaemon in color. Upon upgrading, the Eudaemon will become more powerful and has a cooler outlook.
6. War Emblem
Ø Attributes of a Eudaemon will increase as the level of the War Emblem increases.
Ø RES Reduction of a Eudaemon will increase as the level of RES Reduction increases.
Ø Each Eudaemon has 5 resistance slots. Each resistance slot can be socketed with 3 (out of 6) different types of resistance crystals.
Ø Using Eudaemon Resistance Essence may upgrade the 3 selected types of resistance.
Ø Selected types of resistance may be changed to other types of resistance.

7. Items and their usage
① Upgrade Items
Blood of Zeus, used to upgrade Eudaemon
② Equipment Items
Enchantment: White Iron, Turquoise, Blue Crystaloid, Red Copper, Golden Sand
Refinement: Rough Stone, Smooth Stone, Darksteel Rock, Well Refined Stone, Dragon Blood Stone
Advancement: Green Flame, Blue Flame, Violet Flame, Hellish Flame
Socketing: Diamond (similar to the Gems the character equip)
③ Skill Items
Book of Wisdom: used to upgrade exclusive class skill books and general passive skill books
④ War Emblem Items
Eudaemon Warpath Crystal: used to upgrade War Emblem
Eudaemon RES Reduction Essence: used to upgrade RES Reduction level
Eudaemon Resistance Essence: used to upgrade Resistance level

8. Help
1. Eudaemons may be renamed once for free. Following that, renaming will require a Rename Card.
2. During the mature period, Eudaemons have special Delphic skills which can be triggered by characters in-battle, while other skills can be auto-triggered.

Sacrifice System
Required Level: 55+
Daily Attempts: 3 for non-VIPs, 4 for VIP 1-5, 5 for VIP 6-9

How to Participate:
• Enter the Temple of Eternity and click on the NPC to enter.

System Rewards
• Players may be rewarded with various items including Mythic equipment, and Eudaemon and Sylph items.

• Players will be rewarded for sacrificial offerings, which can be obtained from the Dimensional War.
• Offerings are divided into 4 categories: Lesser (100 Balens), Basic (200 Balens), Greater (500 Balens) and Ancient (1000 Balens).
• When making a sacrifice, players will randomly obtain 5 rewards.
• Players will obtain God’s Blessing Points for each sacrifice, which can be used to increase God’s Blessing level and obtain even rarer rewards.

Dimensional War Adjustments
Dimensional War PVP
Players can now enter other player’s dimensions when starting a dimensional war. Other player’s dimensions can only be entered when they have been activated and the dimension life is above 80%. PvP info can be viewed in the Dimensional War interface.
When a dimension is first activated, players will be asked to build a base as a transfer point. Building a base consumes Balens or the specified items. Players can only build one base per dimensional level. Once a player’s base or buildings are destroyed or occupied, s/he will be kicked out of the dimension. If this happens, the player will not be transferred to this dimension next time.
If there are multiple players in a dimension, the player who is occupying all the buildings will receive the rewards for that dimensional level; however, s/he will only be able to claim the rewards for the whole dimension upon successfully kicking out all other players. Players who are kicked from an expert dimension will be compensated with an advanced coordinate; players who are kicked from an advanced dimension will be compensated with an intermediate coordinate, and so on.
New Events
Reaper (Reinforcement Battle): The Reaper event drops materials which can be used for upgrading Eudaemon equipment (100% drop rate).
Treasure Thief: Participating in this event costs 10-20 Balens based on the different dimension levels.
Main drop: Bound Balens.
Dragon Den: Participating in this event costs 350-1500 Balens based on the different dimension levels (Basic: 350 Balens; Intermediate: 600 Balens; Advanced: 950 Balens; Expert: 1500 Balens).
Main drop: Blood of Zeus (used to upgrade Eudaemons) and random materials.
Exploration: Participating in this event costs 24-60 Balens based on the different dimension levels.
Main drop: Eternal Light (used to increase Energy by 100) and random materials.
Dimension Plunder (Pyramid Quest): Participating in this event costs 26-50 Balens based on the different dimension levels.
Main drop: General Eudaemon Skill Box I and random materials.
Ancient Treasure (Pyramid Quest): Participating costs 26-50 Balens based on the different dimension levels.
Main drop: General Eudaemon Skill Box II and random materials.
• The Dragon Den is a random chance event that occurs very rarely; thus, it has a higher price.
• Pyramid Quest: once triggered, sub-events will be generated; players must complete all the sub-events to get rewards.
Other Adjustments
Dimension Life = Dimension Coordinate price x7 (rounds to nearest whole number); Dimension life decreases based on how many dimensions have been occupied every day. For example, dimension life decreases by 1 when 1 dimension has been occupied, decreases by 5 when 5 dimensions have been occupied, etc.
Energy: Players have 1500 free energy every day, while extra energy (up to 500) can be purchased daily. Players can use up to 5 Divine Lights per day.
Dimension Essence: Increased resource amount by 1 day; increased dimension life by 5% in Wartune version 3.4
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PostSubject: Re: new patch 2015   Sun May 10, 2015 10:14 pm

Help full update Smile
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PostSubject: Re: new patch 2015   

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new patch 2015
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